Kentucky Driver's License for Non-U.S. Citizens


Where do I go to apply for my Driver's License?

Individuals who are not citizens of the United States, and who are non-permanent residents that are applying for either an Original Kentucky Driver's License or Renewal of a Kentucky Driver's License must be done at the Division of Licensing Field Office or Central Office in Frankfort. 

Eligibility for Kentucky Driver's License

To be eligible for a Kentucky Driver's License or a Kentucky Issued State Identification Card, an individual must have a social security card or an ineligibility letter from the Social Security Administration, Tax ID numbers.  Individual Tax Payer Numbers are no longer acceptable.  As well, a printout containing the social security number which has not been stamped by the social Security Administration is not acceptable.  Keep in mind that you should not laminate your social security card, because laminated social security cards are not acceptable either.  If a person has a previous Kentucky Drivers record with a tax ID number, they must now have either a social security card or a letter of ineligibility.  

International Student Driving Privileges


If I am here on a Student Visa, can I get a Kentucky Drivers License?

Non-Citizens in the United States who have a B-1, B-2, or WT visitor status will not be approved for a Kentucky Driver's License or a Kentucky State Issued Identification Card.  If your country is part of the Geneva Contact, you may be able to drive using your foreign drivers license for up to one year from arriving to the United States.  Please be mindful of traffic laws in Kentucky, as they may differ from your home country's laws.  After arriving to the United States, you may become legally liable for any legal action taken against you.  It is extremely important that you drive safely, never drink after driving, maintain proper insurances, and follow all traffic laws.  If you have any questions regarding driving laws, there are several businesses that offer driving courses, as well the Kentucky Drivers Licensing agencies should have a booklet that shows the signs that you may not recognize, as well as other important information.  

When Should I Contact An Immigration Attorney?


Questions Regarding Eligibility

Mind you, that there may be other requirements in order to obtain a Kentucky Driver's License or Kentucky State Issued Identification Card.  If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, you should contact an attorney to assist in determining your possibility of obtaining a driving privilege or State Issued Identification Card. If you have been previously denied of a driver's license, contact our law firm at (502) 241-8221 to assist you.