Contact with ICE & Immigration


What the Kortz ⚖ Funke Immigration Law Firm Advises Clients

No Warrant, No Answer!

If ICE is at your door, this law firm advises our clients that you are not to open the door.  You may simply ask the officer through the safety of a closed door if they have obtained a warrant.  If ICE has not obtained a warrant, we simply advise our clients to politely ask them to leave.  If you open the door, an ICE agent may have the right to enter your home.

How did they find me?

Immigration has access to many state and federal databases.  For instance if you are jailed for driving without a license, or for a more severe offense, you may find that ICE has placed an immigration hold on you!  

Do I have to talk to immigration?

You have the right to stay quiet.  You cannot be forced to speak, to sign anything that waives the rights that you have, or forced to waive your right to see an immigration judge.

Why is having an immigration attorney crucial?

An immigration attorney can assist you with being bonded, representing you throughout the immigration process, and to assure that you are receiving fair and humane treatment.  There are so many cases where individuals feel as if they haven't been treated fairly, where they have filed something the wrong way and it resulted in a denied application, where maybe they weren't detailed enough, or didn't answer a request for evidence.  Let an immigration attorney be present for all of your hearings, meetings, and contact with immigration.  Walk in with a feeling of assurance that your law firm is strong, willing to litigate, and doesn't accept the "status quo" as well not accepting any form of injustice.